Friday, November 6, 2009

Snail Mail No More by Danziger & Martin

Book Review by Sierra, sixth grade student, Indianapolis

Snail Mail No More is the best book I read yet. The authors of this book are Paula Danziger and Ann M. Martin. I think you should read this book. Once you start reading it you don’t want to stop. The book is mostly about these two girls, mailing each other back and forth. Then they both got computers. They started emailing each other at once.
Elizabeth has a friend named Tara. She knew her for like ever. And they didn’t get to see each other in like a year. Tara had a little baby sister at first she hated it because it got more attention than she did. But now she is ok with it. They all worked it out, and everything was ok.
You should really read this book. There is one sad part but, after that you’re fine. This girl Elizabeth her dad dies in a car crash because he was a drunk. They all loved him, but they hated that he gets drunk and wants to come and see the kids. Elizabeth’s little sister, Emma, is only like five or six. And the dad sent the little girl, Emma, a big radio. The mom sent it back. Emma didn’t even know about it. Elizabeth and Tara were writing back and forth, talking about what is going on where they are. They talk about boys, and they talk about their life. But Elizabeth got a phone call. It was the police. They said that they needed to talk to the mother right away. She got her mom. Elizabeth’s mom got on the phone. They told her about the dad. Elizabeth’s mom just dropped to her knees. She just cried and cried. Elizabeth said, “What is wrong mom?” Her mom said, “Your dad died in a car accident.” Elizabeth just ran to her room and cried. Then she got on the computer and told Tara. Tara couldn’t see it happening like this. She said I’m sorry. I will be down there as soon as I can. They came down there. They went to the funeral. The mom just couldn’t stop crying. They all went home and Elizabeth tried to write a poem. But she couldn’t. Well they all worked it out. And every thing was going to be ok.

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