Friday, November 6, 2009

Diary of a Wimpy Kid #1 by Jeff Kinney

Book review by KayLee, 6th grade student, Indianapolis

I think you should read Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney. A boy named Greg Heffley’s mom gets him a diary but he says this isn’t a diary, it’s a journal! During the whole school year he writes in the journal about all the problems he has in the school year like when the bullies beat him up.

Rodrick is Greg’s older brother. He loves to torture Greg, like one time he had Greg get up really early on a Saturday morning and lied, and said it was a Monday morning he said he was going to be late for school. Greg also has a friend named Rowley. He some times gets on Greg’s nerves. On Halloween night he had went out with Rowley. He was mad, because his dad made him take his annoying little brother.

Greg is a very creative person. One time he made weights out of old milk jugs and sand, and I thought that was a pretty creative idea.

I think this is a really great book for kids, because I am a kid and I really enjoyed Diary of Wimpy Kid. This is also a great book for kids because it has a lot of comics and pictures. This is why I think you should read this book.


  1. diary of a wimpy kid is a funny and good book to read. You did a good job on the blog. It tells all about the book and more.
    Jimmie, Indianapolis

  2. I really enjoyed this book as well! I enjoyed the pictures and the story was hilarious!

    Have you read any of the other books in the Wimpy Kid series? I think a new one just came out.