Thursday, November 5, 2009

Aliens Ate My Homework by Bruce Coville

Book review by Anthony, 6th grade, Indianapolis

The book Aliens Ate My Homework it is a cool book. This kid is working on his project. Later he was working and aliens came. Well that freaked him out. Well then he was scared. Then the aliens came out of the ship. He was freaked out. Then Grakker, one of the aliens, came out and the kid was getting mad and kept on talking. Well then Grakker gets mad and points the ray gun at the kid. Then the kid freaks out, and it looks like he got his ears pierced. He does all kinds of missions for the aliens, if he didn’t, he would have to go to alien jail. He does all the crazy missions. Like one of these kids picks on him, but he is really an alien so the kid was freaked out so he had to do the mission or else. He does all the missions. He had to sneak into his house and get into his TV. He sees crazy stuff like fake people like his parents. He was scared doing it too. He skipped school too. There were cops at his house, and his mom was scared. She went looking for him, and then the bully at the school took his little brother and sister. He took them to this secret place in made a trade. Everything was safe and he gave up. Well the aliens and the kid went back to his house and the aliens started to eat his project. His mom was happy that he was safe. So that is the best story ever, so that is why I read that book.

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  1. That is smart thinking.
    ps Chris, Indianapolis