Monday, November 9, 2009

Junebug and the Reverend by Alice Mead

Book review by Stacia, 6th grade student
I thought that Junebug and the Reverend was a great book. I thought that the author and illustrator ALICE MEAD was great because she told about JUNEBUG and she made you feel like he felt in the book. The reason that I said that is because Junebug had to leave all of his friends to go to Chicago.
When he moved he had met this man that worked on the boats and gave Junebug a job but, one day Junebug went down to work on his day off so the man that gave him the job told him to go home but he didn’t he went by the water, but he knew he couldn’t swim and then that’s when he fell right in the water! Next, in Junebug’s apartment building, a man that liked Junebug’s mom had a dad that really needed help with his smoking habit. Junebug was being a good friend. He would go on a walk with the Reverend so that he could live longer than he wants to that’s why he was going to buy him some cigarettes, but he didn’t know any better. I think the Indiana students might also enjoy this Junebug book because this book made me think different. You can do good things without being with your friends all the time. I hope you enjoy.

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