Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade by Barthe DeClements

Book review by Dorothy, 6th grade student
You should read Nothing’s Fair in Fifth Grade, by slumber paBarthe DeClements. There was a new girl in school named Elsie. She was fat, blond and gross. Elsie’s mom said she couldn’t eat junk food. She did and she got yelled at. She couldn’t go to a rty, but then she did, because she told her mom that she was sorry for eating junk food. Then the principal and the teacher and her friends thought Elsie was stealing money. They went outside for recess and she went back inside and stole the money off the desk. Then she went to the bathroom and the teacher thought that she went outside, but then when the class came back, she went back in the line and pretended like she’d been there. Everyone went back in the class and everybody thought that she stole the money.
You might like this book because it’s a good book. It’s like in 5th grade, and you might be in 4th grade getting ready for 5th grade, or you might already be in 5th. You might be scared going into the 5th grade and this book will get you not scared about going to 5th grade.

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