Thursday, November 5, 2009

Skull of Truth by Bruce Coville

Book Review by Christopher, 6th grade student
I thought The Skull of Truth! by Bruce Coville was a magical book. A boy named Charlie Eggleston
is a boy who likes to lie to get by with stuff. It all started back in 1st grade when Mark and Charlie said a story about if you put a toad in your mouth it will be magic. So Gilbert put the toad in his mouth. A teacher said “Get that out, Gilbert,” so he did and said “Charlie told me to” and Charlie said “But Mark did too.” The Teacher asked Gilbert, “Did he say that?” He replied yes he did. Charlie and his lies got him in great trouble.
Charlie was walking in the swamp when Mark and his friends were there so Charlie ran and saw a magic shop and stole the skull and that’s when it all happened. Charlie got in trouble because he asked a question in the skull’s eye socket. Now all he can do is tell the truth…
Find out what happens to Charlie by reading the story! Does he get rid of the skull, or have it forever?

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  1. on a skale 1 and 10 what would you ive it

  2. Nice words and thinking.
    p.s christopher

  3. You r smart.
    p.s chris indanapolis